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Here’s everything you get in Complete Detox 21…


Quick Start Guide

The 7-point jumpstart to your health transformation!


CD21 System

Over 13,000 words detailing how you’ll be getting healthy from the inside out!


Daily & Weekly Steps

The easy step by step guide to your healthy transformation.


Transformation Guide

What you can expect physically and mentally as your body transforms.


Grocery Lists

Get in, get the groceries, and get out ASAP with these lists on your phone!


Fast Meals & Travel Tips

You won’t be afraid to hit the scale after hitting the road with all the tips in this guide.



You’re not Gordon Ramsey? No problem with this on your tablet or phone!


Meal Plan Templates

What to eat. When to eat it. No confusion. Truly done-for-you!


BONUS: ABSolutely Lean System Fitness

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BONUS: Complete Liver Detox

This is your morning drink for losing more weight, detoxing and feeling great!

This could be the most important thing you’ve read this year…

A few years ago, I was busy helping my clients 1on1 get back to health

When I got a call from a woman referred to me from a previous client…

She needed help.

She’s in her 50’s, ate “healthy”, exercises regularly, and taught dance several nights a week. I also learned she’s a cancer survivor preparing for surgery. Thankfully, the cancer was in remission, but she had other issues going on…

She suffered from digestive issues, IBS, and had several medications to manage stomach pain. And in 3 weeks she was having her gall bladder removed!

After learning her daily routine… I knew I could help her.

I asked her to give me just 14 days…

I wanted her to make the decision for her gall bladder surgery with the doctor…

But before she decides to go under the knife, just work with me for 14 days.

I was very clear and kept things basic. I told her…

First, follow this step by step plan for 14 days

And then meet with the doctor to decide what you’re going to do about your gall bladder.

She was nervous, but ready to give it a shot.

10 days later, I got a call from her. She had news…

“I’m not having the surgery!”

She was so happy and felt like she had a new lease on life

She no longer had stomach pains and was excited about coming off the IBS meds as well!

She was shocked…

She was shocked because she had eaten fruits and veggies every day of her life

She walked her dog every day and exercised multiple days every week

This was a woman who was committed to health

Yet she was still having all those health problems…

She just needed to hit the reset button!

I showed her how to eat, when to eat, and made everything super easy to follow…

Nothing was complicated

When you break complex things down…

And all that’s left are the basics

Magic Happens!

I call it hitting the reset button.

That’s why it was so shocking for her…

The plan was so simple…

And yet she had life-changing results

Click the reset button on your health!

Would YOU like to Hit the Reset Button too?

Let’s check-in to see if we’re dealing with any of these issues…

Do you have…

Common cold or flu symptoms that usually take a week or more to get rid of?

Low energy levels?

Under performing thyroid?

Migraines or headaches?

Heartburn or irritable bowels after eating?

Daily stomach pains or joint pain?

These are just some of the signs behind your body needing a tune-up.

Imagine this…

How different would your life be if you could hit the reset button on your health?

Can you imagine that your energy and metabolism are way up, you lost that weight, and…

You feel 10 years younger!

That would be awesome, right?

But today, you’re exhausted after work, you can’t stay focused, and you miss the old you…

Maybe it’s having kids, maybe it’s growing older, maybe it’s none of that… It’s definitely not a lack of trying…

I know you try hard, work hard, and do your best

But this sluggish, making it through the day stuff isn’t your fault…

Come back to visualizing how you’ll feel after you have the opportunity to hit that reset button…

Feeling 10 years younger. Having that all-day energy.

A sharp memory and focus. Playing with the kids…

No chronic pains or needing prescriptions. Never out of sick days dealing with the flu.

Waking up feeling rested each day. And losing the weight!

Just like it happened for previous clients using this program…

It can happen for you too… And it’s a lot easier than you think

What’s Going on Here?

Today, we’re surrounded by toxins…

And they’re simply overloading our bodies!

Toxins are the dominant force driving most chronic degenerative diseases, including:

  • Various Cancers
  • Heart Disease
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Fibromyalgia

Have you had any family members diagnosed with 1 or more of those conditions?

Years and decades of toxins building up in your body become too much for it to handle…

You can get toxic…

And that’s when we begin breaking down

Before major diseases and illness happens, toxic overload causes “normal signs of aging”

“Normal aging” Symptoms of toxic overload include:




Skin Problems & Blemishes


Fatigue & Low Energy Levels


Sluggish Thyroid


Slower Metabolism & Weight Gain


Brain Fog & Senior Moments


Hormonal Problems & Imbalance


Sleep Difficulties


Mood Swings or Depression


IBS, Diarrhea or Constipation




Lingering Colds

You don’t like dealing with those symptoms

and your body doesn’t either!

But you’ve just learned to deal with them, right?

When you get rid of the toxins and feed your body the right foods…

That’s when things turn around. That’s when things change… That’s when you Completely Detox!

That’s how you hit the reset button on health.

All of a sudden…


You have plenty of all-day energy


You’re losing the unwanted weight


You are sleeping great


You don’t have digestive issues like IBS, heartburn, diarrhea, or constipation


Your skin is vibrant and you look younger


You’re not needing prescriptions or dealing with their side-effects

And you’re reversing degenerative diseases and illness!

How can it get any better than that?

Your Body Can Heal, It Wants To, & It Knows How…

We just need to clean out the gunk and give it the right foods to do so. Remember how much different your life will be after you hit the reset button? I don’t want this journey to be complicated though…

And just like for the woman I helped before…

Helping her detox her gall bladder, stopping her IBS, and coming off prescriptions…

It won’t be complicated

You can hit the reset button on your health in just 21 days!

Complete Detox 21 uses the same scientific principles that detoxed and healed this woman…

And it will work for you too

Because you’re body wants to heal… And it will.

Complete Detox 21 was designed to fit into the busiest of schedules

With clear instructions, templates, and step by step guides

From Day 1 to 21

Giving you the resources needed to get the results you want, speaking of which…

Here’s some of the TYPICAL benefits you can look forward to…


Weight Loss


Increased Energy


Amazing Sleep


Glowing, Young Skin


Improved Mental Power


Healthy Digestion


No Bloated or Puffy Feelings


Less Pain & Discomfort

When you follow this specific 21 day program…

You begin healing and reversing chronic conditions at the cellular level!

Our Complete Detox 21 client’s results come from nutritional strategy and supplementation

It’s not complicated. We don’t teach ridiculous, unrealistic strategies.

We stick to the basics… And clients detox, get healthier, and lose weight.

Are you ready to hit your reset button on health?

Get started right now!

BONUS #1 Complete Liver Detox

Your liver is your most powerful detox organ.

As a bonus to Complete Detox 21, you’re getting our special Complete Liver Detox!

The Complete Liver Detox Drink is your morning reset to losing weight, detoxing and feeling great!

This is a completely digital product…

So you can access everything from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop…

It couldn’t be simpler or easier to change your life…

All in just 21 days with Complete Detox 21

Click the reset button, invest in CD21, and get started right now!

Again, here’s everything you get with your investment today in

Complete Detox 21…


1. Quick Start Guide


2. The Complete Detox 21 Program Manual


3. Daily & Weekly Steps to Success


4. Expectations & Maximum Results Guide


5. Grocery Plan & List


6. Fast Meals & Travel Tips


7. Complete Detox 21 Cookbook


8. CD21 Meal Plan Templates


Complete Liver Detox

The reason New Year’s Resolutions begin and end in the gym is because the real results come when…

You’ve got the right Nutritional Strategy


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You’re also going to get ABSolutely Lean System Fitness


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Just 5 minutes of work that melts fat, improves hormones, and sculpts that lean, athletic look!

ABSolutely Lean System Fitness sells for $97, but we’re including it FREE for you today

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And of course, this is covered by our iron-clad, no questions, money-back guarantee

There’s absolutely no risk

If you’re not happy, don’t get the results you want, or the program just wasn’t for you…

For whatever reason…

Just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you all your money back!

You’ve got nothing to lose except the toxins and the unwanted weight you can’t seem to get rid of…

Let’s detox, let’s lose that weight, and let’s hit the reset button of health with

Hit the reset button right now, make the investment, and get started today!